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Other 3D Printing Applications

Any field that involves product design can employ 3D printing technology to simplify and enhance the design process.

Orion 3D Solutions has a wide array of clients, including engineers and entrepreneurs that require functional prototypes built to scale. This allows the design to be tested and improved prior to being pitched to interested investors or mass marketed.

Through rigorous testing of a product’s design, Orion 3D Solutions can help streamline the product development process. We can also create scaled down models for maximum portability in order to demonstrate products at trade shows and customer presentations.

When it comes to 3D printing the possibilities are virtually limitless. Regardless of the industry, 3D printing can simplify the process of creating and testing prototypes and parts.

At Orion 3D Solutions, we value a creative challenge – no design is too complex or structurally intricate.

Discover how 3D printing can simplify the design process while saving you money. Give Orion 3D Solutions a call today at (416) 494-5095.


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