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Custom Automotive Automation

Automotive automation systems designed just for you
At AGM Automation, we know that the automotive industry is becoming more and more competitive each day. With car manufacturers striving to create products that are new and innovative, we appreciate the importance of customization. You don’t want the same automotive manufacturing equipment that everyone else has. You want a solution that will enable you to create products that will set you apart in the marketplace. We will design and build custom automation solutions that will meet your unique needs and help give you that edge.
Whether you require conveyersor sophisticated robotics systems, our advanced technology, precision engineering and top quality expertise will go into creating solutions that are ahead of their time.
Material handling and conveyance that is safe and efficient
In order to build automotive products, a multitude of materials must be moved from place to place on a near-constant basis. AGM Automation can provide you with the means to lift and carry heavy loads safely and efficiently. Your materials will be in the right place exactly when you need them, and nobody will get injured in the process.
Whether you need handling and conveyance for nuts and bolts, or for windshields, tires and car seats, our custom automation systems will integrate seamlessly into your overall production process. This will speed up your production and save you money.
Speed up your production lines with our automotive assembly solutions
AGM Automation can offer you state-of-the-art custom automation systems that will make your assembly processes faster, safer and more efficient. Our automated assembly products include the following:
– Modular assembly systems for specific applications, such as dashboards, car doors and windows, seating systems and centre consoles
– Complete assembly lines that incorporate the modular systems
– Standalone fixtures for highly specialized applications
At AGM Automation, we care about attention to detail. Our automotive assembly system can take care of everything, including spot welding, greasing, riveting and more.
Quality testing systems that won’t let you down
Testing is a critical element of automotive manufacture. Let AGM Automation help you avoid product recalls that can cost money and undermine consumer confidence. Our custom testing solutions include the following:
– Full function tests using a variety of configurations
– Air bag deployment and resistance tests
– Performance of seat belts, head rests and recliner/stowage functions
– Stress tests on electronic doors, windows and locking systems
– Noise and vibration measurements
– Memory module tests
For more information about how we can create a custom automotive automation system for you, call us today and speak to a representative. We will show you how you can save time and money, while guaranteeing the safely of your personnel.

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