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Custom Construction Automation

Understanding the challenges of the construction industry
AGM Automation knows that the construction industry is unique, with its own set of challenges not seen in other areas. These challenges include the following:
– Construction uses a vast array of products made from many different materials
– The shapes of the materials used are sometimes unusual, and even within the same product, such as roof tiles, there may be two or more shapes
– Materials can be fragile or prone to chipping and breakage
– Large amounts of product may be needed in a short amount of time
– It can be a challenge to match the production of a material to a previous batch of the same thing
Being aware of these challenges is the first step to conquering them, and AGM Automation has the foresight and experience to build automation machinery that addresses these issues and more.
Safe handling and conveyance of heavy materials
Construction is one of the most dangerous industries to work in, and one reason is the nature of the materials used. AGM Automation systems are designed to convey and package construction materials in a way that is safe and that reduces the risk of injury to the construction workers who are using the end product.
At the same time, the machines themselves are easy to set up, configure and use. Materials are handled and conveyed automatically, without the need for human intervention. We believe in building automation systems that enable companies to manufacture and distribute quality products without anybody getting hurt.
Precision engineering resulting in top quality construction
A key part of construction lies in getting the measurements right. If a product is the wrong length, or if an angle is off even slightly, it can set a construction project back by days or even weeks. In a country where the weather limits the amount of construction time available in a year, delays are not acceptable. AGM Automation products know that there is no margin of error. The materials produced by our systems are made with precision and accuracy, so you know that you will get the right products every time.
Custom solutions for a diverse market
The construction industry is having to stretch itself more and more, as architects and designers come up with increasingly creative and “out of the box” ideas. Gone are the days when a building was just a building. We are seeing more constructions that are works of art as well as being creative.
These unique buildings have to be constructed with unique materials, and unique materials cannot be made on standard automation machinery. AGM Automation builds custom solutions to meet any set of requirements, no matter how unusual.
For more information about how we can give you the means to build the best construction materials that are just right for your projects, call us and talk to a representative.

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