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Custom Food Packaging Automation

Standalone machines, complete systems, and everything in between
AGM Automation designs and manufactures a full range of products for the packaging of foods. We can build you a standalone module to be used on its own, or we can integrate any number of machines into a complete, coherent system. In this way, the conveyance, weighing, packaging and labeling of food products can all be taken care of in a well-orchestrated system with little need for human intervention.

Because all companies have their own unique needs and processes, we will customize your food packing automation system to provide exactly what you need. Why have the same automation machines as everybody else when you can use a custom product to maintain your competitive advantage?

Designed for safety and easy cleaning

Food packaging machinery has to be follow strict guidelines when it comes to the health and safety of the consumer. AGM Automation products are designed to be extremely safe, not only to the people operating them, but to those who are consuming the food products that pass through them.
With our ergonomic and versatile designs, our automation systems are easy to configure and use, and they are easy to keep clean. You do not have to worry about food particles becoming trapped and turning into a haven for bacteria. End users can consume the products secure in the knowledge that the handling and packaging has been done safely.

Precision weighing that saves you money

The weighing of food is a critical part of packaging it. If a carton or bag contains too little product, there can be customer complaints and a loss of confidence that can be costly. If it contains too much, the structural integrity of the packaging can be compromised, and this too can be expensive.
The AGM Automation, you do not have to worry about your packages being either underweight or overweight. We use advanced weighing systems that are guaranteed to produce the right results every time.

Handling everything from fine powders to bulky items

AGM Automation designs and builds food packaging automation systems suitable for all kinds of products. With our systems in place, you will be able to easily handle fine powders, granules, products that go into tubes, bottled goods, boxed goods and much more.

Our systems are designed to minimize breakage and spillage, which can cost a great deal of money if left unchecked. The machines also apply seals and outer packaging, along with labeling that contains pertinent information for the end consumer.

AGM Automation appreciates the challenges inherent in packaging food products effectively. We know that you have to balance functionality with aesthetic appeal and, in many cases, promotional potential. Call us today to find out how we can help you accomplish that balance.

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