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We are pleased to present our line of EC-series automatic stretch film Edge Cutters. Designed and built in Canada, the Edge Cutters assure uninterrupted use in your facility. They trim automatically the sides of cling film rolls wound on paper cores, producing uniform, finished rolls with clean, burr-free, straight edges; centered on their cores, easy to unwind.

The knives realign to maintain equal protrusion of the core. The knives find their position automatically. All six axes' movements are controlled by PLC. The operation parameters are set on the touch screen monitor.

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Standard Models

AGM manufactures several edge cutters that vary in features to fit your PVC or polyethylene edge trimming requirements.

All the models are featured with 6 servo axes, fully digital settings, carbide knives, and more. Roll spinning, cutting speed, cutting trajectory (straight, spreading) and a multicut mode may be adjusted to get the best cut of the PVC roll because the different film properties and roll's hardness may require suitable cutting parameters. These edge cutters are also suitable for side trimming of PVC shrink film and PE stretch film rolls.

The PVC And Polyethylene Industry

Polyethylene or PVC roll edge trimming is a necessary step in the creation of shrink wrap products. Once the shrink film is created, the edges must be cut from the roll in order to be able to unwind the material. A required stage in making PVC or polyethylene rolls viable as a product.

PVC roll edge intact
PVC roll edge cut

Stretch Film Roll Edge Cutter Support

Previously manufactured under Tronoplast brand, the edge cutter technology was transferred to AGM Automation. The machines were significantly improved under the new brand. We repair, upgrade, and deliver spare parts for both Tronoplast and AGM machines currently in service. Please be assured of our permanent support for your current and future needs.

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PVC roll edge cut
Support items for machines
Support items for machines

About AGM

AGM Automation Systems Inc. is an OEM and Systems Integration company with extensive experience and unique know-how in industrial automation and turnkey engineered solutions for the industry. We have over 20 years of experience, ensuring that our products are excellent in quality and supported.

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