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Mori Seiki CNC Equipment

Mori Seiki NL 2500 Lathe

The Mori Seiki NL 2500 is an advanced 4 Axis CNC Lathe, equipped with a 20-station turret that gives it versatility and precision. This allows us to deliver rigorous components in a timely manner.

The 20-station turret allows us to combine many automation processes into one to efficiently complete components. Coupled with a material feeder, the Mori Seiki NL 2500 is an effective piece of equipment in the AGM Manufacturing department.


Distance between centers: 1250

Axis: 4

Standard Chuck Size: Spindle 1 – 10 Inches / Spindle 2 – 6 Inches

Bar Work Capacity: 80mm (3.1 in)


Mori Seiki Duravertical 5100

The Duravertical 5100 is a 4 axis CNC milling machine. With a table work surface of 1,350×600 (53.1×23.6) and a load capacity of 1,000 (2,200). 

We currently have two in the manufacturing department.





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