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Rapid Prototyping

AGM Automation Systems offers a complete range of rapid prototyping services for component parts and products. These include the following:
• Stereolithography (SLA)
• Professional prototype model making
• High-Speed CNC machining, and
• Selective Laser sintering (SLS)
Using the latest equipment and cutting-edge digital technology, and leveraging the expertise of our experienced specialists, we ensure rapid prototyping that meets the most stringent demands in terms of precision, time, and cost are met with the shortest turnaround time.
Technology Overview
Commonly known as solid freeform fabrication, rapid prototyping is an advanced additive layering process. It consists of a three dimensional computer model which is sliced into layers making use of the SLA and SLA rapid prototyping systems using computers programs. Each slice from this process is then fed to a processor. The processor in turn directs a laser beam onto the slice in the direction of X and Y axis. The beam output power of the processor is also controlled to sinter or cure through either the CO2 laser (SLS) or the UV laser (SLA).
Once the slice is completed, the build mechanism of the system is vertically repositioned incrementally between 0.07mm and 0.15mm per layer. The process is done for as long as the vertical height of the part to be built is completed. Depending on the mass, volume, and the height of the part, this process can take time from one to several hours.



Our Rapid Prototyping Services and Products
• SLA Rapid Prototypes
• SLS Rapid Prototypes
• Rapid Manufacturing or Direct Digital Manufacturing
• Silicone Rubber Molds
• Secondary Machining
• Metal Investment Castings
• Urethane Castings – prototypes and production on low-volume
• Multi-Shot Molding
• Nickel Plating
• EMI/RF shielding
• Insert Molding
• Painting

Customized Finishing Processes and Secondary Operations
• Custom Machined Inserts
• Threaded Inserts
• Precision Machining
• Surface coatings
o Water based Urethane
o Epoxy
o UV Rated Spray Coating
o Two-part Urethane
o EMI/RF Shielding
o Lacquer
o Dip Coatings
o Fire Rated Spray Coating
• Plating
o Nickel plating
o Vacuum Metalizing
o Vapour Deposition
• Decorations
o Laser Etching
o Dry Transfer
o Pressure Sensitive Labels
o Screen printing
o Hand painting

If you have any Rapid Prototyping Services need, feel free to contact AGM Automation Systems Inc. today and get rapid response services with guaranteed premium quality results and after service. You can also contact us for quality assurance consulting.
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