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About Us

AGM Automation is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of custom-designed automation systems. Located in Toronto, we work with clients all across Canada and the United States, serving a multitude of industries including automotive, healthcare, packaging, food & beverage, construction, and much more.
The rapid growth of technology has made manufacturing very competitive. We know that as you try to stay ahead of the curve, you don’t want the same automation products that everyone else has. That is why we will customize your products for you. Solutions that are made just for you, that nobody else possesses, can be a key component in maintaining your competitive advantage.
Our impressive range of products and services include the following:

  • Assembly systems: optimize your factory floor with stand-alone and in-line machines
  • Material handling systems: robotic systems will move products around your facility quickly and efficiently
  • Measurement & testing systems:inspect your products for quality and durability, and ensure that your measurements have top precision
  • Quality management: we will help you ensure that you have the right equipment and processes to produce the best quality possible
  • Consulting: improve your business operations and learn how to properly implement international quality and safety standards
  • Leasing solutions: we will work with you to find an efficient, cost-effective way to finance your purchase
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